hosted by Malcolm Meintjes

(Author of Zambezi Tiger, Remarkable Flyfishing Destinations of Southern Africa, Trout Through the Looking-Glass and other titles)

A Tiger Quest, hosted by Malcolm, and run at famous Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is a wonderful way to help accelerate your success in catching tiger fish on fly.  

These Quest packages offer value for a group of anglers for a minimum period of 4 nights. Malcolm will be the host over this period, giving the group the benefit of his many years of experience on the upper Zambezi, Chobe and Kasai Channel.

However, even if you simply want to organise your own private trip (non-Quest trip) for tigers, please also enquire at


A Tiger Quest is an option for a group of anglers to arrange their own hosted trip at a convenient date . The minimum requirements are that there should be 4 in the group and the stay should be for a minimum of 3 nights i.e. 4 days.

What is a Tiger Quest?

Flyfishing Tiger Quests were started over a decade ago by Malcolm author of 'Zambezi Tiger'. He has over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in flyfishing for tigers. He hosts these Quests, which take place over more than 40 kilometres of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers. He has also developed productive flyfishing techniques for tigers and he spends sessions with each angler in the group. This makes for a very enjoyable and relaxed trip.


Many anglers who, having saved up for this lifetime trip, find that, on a normal excursion of 4 - 5 days, they are often unable to come to grips with the big rivers like the Zambezi. Often different techniques and flies are required for success and this can, as in most flyfishing, be a critical factor to success. Thus the Quests offer learning of experience in techniques in fishing the Zambezi, Chobe and their associated rapids - a wealth of superb water. While the usual catch is for fish between 2 - 8lbs. double-figure tigers  have been caught. The biggest 18 lb.

(By the way, if your partner doesn't fish, book her or him on to the Quests as well. While they're welcome to fish, there's no pressure on them to do so all the time and they can enjoy outstanding birding or take a cruise into the Chobe to see game at close quarters)


When will the Quests be held?

The generally preferred period for Quests to take place is June to December.

More about what happens on a Quest?

On a trip of 5 days, you don't want to have to spend precious time re-inventing the wheel as there's a lot of water to cover. Thus with Malcolm in attendance, you benefit from his personal knowledge of the rivers and local information the moment you touch sides at the lodge - even the flight over bubbles with excitement and the thought that possibly that evening might herald the first thunderous take

It's not only a case of learning a variety of tackle set-ups and innovative techniques but you'll enjoy the thrill and fun of putting these into practice while fishing a number of sessions and a variety of waters on the river. In the evening around the dining table, there is always a discussion on the day's successes.

You're going to be exploring some superb African waters in search of wild fish, so getting to grips with the awesome tiger as quickly as possible gives you a much better chance of encountering a dream fish. And there is always the chance of a lovely Olive bream (Nembwe) or a sizable Sharptooth catfish as well.

What is the likely itinerary?

The preferred approach is to fly into Kasane and then transfer to the Lodge by road. Thereafter the Lodge boats will transfer you to the Lodge, which is in Namibia.


There are two flyfishers per boat, each with a driver and Each evening after a refreshing shower and over a drink before dinner, the team recalls the events of the day. Tales of techniques that worked; flies that were successful; particular water to be focused on and digital photos of fish won are the order of the moment. 

And then to dream of the big fish of tomorrow.