Don't ever say that no one is keen to pass on knowledge about techniques for catching different species of fish in Southern African waters!

This wonderful series of 5 books written by over 80 Southern African flyfishers gives insight into techniques, flies and the quirks of many species of Southern African fish. In all, there are pictures of over 400 different flies, tying instructions and how to fish them. Each book, drawing on the knowledge of 18 - 20 flyfishers deals with five more species of fish.  In each book there are approx 100 flies, many of which have not been seen before. 


If you haven't got this series then you're doing yourself a disservice - whether you be freshwater or salt; trout, yellowfish or tiger fish. 

For soft-cover books of 200 pages each, jam packed with wonderful knowledge, order your copies now. These books will never be re-printed again. 

Published by the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers, the price of each edition is only R140 + R 25 p and p.

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