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The Lochs, an exclusive Estate offering excellent facilities for trout fishing, is situated only two hours away from Johannesburg and Pretoria, making it an ideal venue for Gauteng-based flyfishers.

It is situated between Belfast and Dullstroom and is easily reached by way of a tarred road all the way to the gates of the Estate.

It is managed by a full-time manager on the farm who is available to assist members


The Lochs has a history going back some twenty years and has long been regarded as one of the best naturalised fisheries in the Mpumalanga area.

Prior to it being converted to an exclusive shareblock, these were the prized waters of the Invicta Club


The waters comprise a number of excellent dams, the flagship of which is the beautiful 25 acre Greenwells Glory. It is ably supported by the scenic 8 acre Invicta with its cascading inlet and smaller Royal Coachman and Connemara dams. There are two more dams on the property.

There is also member access to some 4 kms of wild freestone river below the confluence of the Groot- and Kleinspruit.


The fishery management has been managed throughout its existence by well-known South African fly fishing author and fisheries consultant, Malcolm Meintjes, who is well-known for his development of trout fisheries in South Africa.

Stockings of sizable rainbow trout and, when available, brown trout, are undertaken on a regular basis. The aim is to encourage the trout to feed on the ample food supply in the dams. Sensible stocking ensures the fish put on weight quickly in these rich waters. The bulk of captures are well-conditioned fish between 1 ½  - 3 lb, while the record trout for The Lochs is an 8 lb rainbow.


The Lochs has been run on a shareblock basis with a limited number of shares.


What is being offered is an undeveloped stand, which has building rights. Ownership can be individual or shared by up to 4 members.

 The greatest advantage of this shareblock approach is that there is no limitation on the fishing that can be done by a member. That is there are no allocated week-ends. Members can decide how often and when they wish to visit the waters.

Often members simply go down for the day to escape the madding crowd in wonderful surroundings.



A partial view of the lovely 25 acre Greenwells Glory dam


Members’ cottages on Greenwells


Flyfishing near the inlet of Invicta dam


Taking a break at the more sedate Connemara dam